Let's get ready for takeoff! 🚀

Creating an Automated Event on Demio is super simple!

From your main Dashboard, you'll want to click the Add New Event button in the top-left corner.

You'll then want to go forward with the Automated Event type.

What is this event about? 🎥

First up, we'll need to choose the core content.

You have the option to Upload a Video, or choose an existing one from your library (these will include any Recordings for Past Events, as well as any videos you may have uploaded previously.

Remember to include a Title, and add an optional Description for your event.

When is this event happening? ⏱

Next up is tackling everything about the when.

Let's start with selecting an option for how to schedule your Automated Webinar.

Here, you'll have a few options to choose from:

Recurring: These allow you to set sessions that occur on repeating schedule. Great for any events that you want to run daily/weekly!

Multiple Times: Similar to the Recurring-type, but they allow you to specify exact times for your event instead.

One Time: Simple! Perfect for any sessions you only plan to run once.

On-Demand Only: These will limit your event to only be available On-Demand. You can learn more about On-Demand here.


Blackout Dates

For both the Recurring and On-Demand Only options, you'll have the added flexibility of setting up black-out dates:

These are simply time periods for Recurring and On-Demand Only where your event will not recur or not be available, respectively.

Hooray! We're all set. 🙌

Once you're done, simply hit Continue in the bottom right, and your webinar will be created.

That's it for the initial set-up!

Now you can continue building out an awesome event, using the multitude of options that are offered to you.

Update: 001-181001

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