Want to duplicate an event that you ran in the past? No Problem!

Demio makes it super easy to copy over all of the Settings from a previous event and recreate it on the spot!

It'll even preserve all of your custom Registration fields, and any Automations you had set up! Basically creating an identical event to the one you had previously created.

The best part—you'll still be able to make any adjustments if you wanted to changes things up!

Creating the Duplicate Event!

1. From the Dashboard, click the 'Add New Event' button

2. From here, you'll want to select 'Copy An Event' in the top right.

3. A pop-up will appear asking you to choose a Past Event you'd like to copy

4. Select an event from the drop-down then hit 'Copy Settings'

5. You won't be able to edit your event just yet. We still need to select the Date, Time, and Time Zone.

By default, your copied event will include the text '(copy)' after the Title! Don't worry about this! We'll be able to edit it, along with any of the other copied settings.

Once you're ready, click 'Save & Finish'

6. You're all set! All of your previous event settings have been copied over. Feel free to make any adjustments as you see fit.

Update: 001-180410

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