Want to duplicate a great past event? No Problem!

Demio makes it very simple to copy any previous Webinar’s Settings, including the Title, Tags, Description, Settings from the ‘Registration’ page with all custom fields created, Presentations and Videos added on the ‘Materials’ page, and even Triggers from your Automation rules.

Your new copied Webinar title will, by default, include the text '(Copy)' after the webinar Title from which this webinar is copied.

Once you have created the event you can remove this '(Copy)' text along with changing anything else in the Title. All settings that are copied from previous webinar can be edited or removed if not required.

How do you copy your settings?

1. Login to your account.

2. Click ‘Add New Event.'

3. Click ‘Copy settings’ in the top right.

4. A popup will appear asking you to choose the Past Even to copy.

5. Click on the 'Choose Event' drop down and a list of previous webinars will be displayed.

6. You can now select the webinar that you would like to copy.

7. Click the ‘Copy settings’ button to confirm.

8. You won't be able to edit your webinar just yet. We still need to select the Date, Time, and Timezone.

9. Select the Date, Time, Timezone and then click ‘Continue’ → On next page, you can edit the Title, Tags and all other settings as needed.

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