Are other people running the webinar with you, or is someone else going to be presenting and speaking?

Then, you'll want to invite them as a Coordinator.

Note: If you have someone acting as a comment moderator, you'll need to invite them as a Coordinator as well.

Inviting Coordinators to your webinar is an easy and painless process.

To invite coordinators to your webinar, you'll go to the 'Advanced' dropdown menu in the top right of your Event Creation screen and select 'Roles.'

You can invite up to 15 coordinators in your 'Roles' area, by simply putting in their Name and Email and clicking 'Add.'

Once your coordinator is added, you will want to send them their Confirmation Email by clicking 'Send.' Once the invite is sent, your coordinator will get a confirmation email and the "Send" button will show as "Resend."

You may also easily add sub-users to your Coordinator Roles, by viewing all the sub users and adding them as a Coordinator.

You will also need to send them their confirmation email when you are complete.

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