Are other people running the webinar with you, or is someone else going to be presenting and speaking?

Then, you'll want to invite them as a Coordinator.

Note: If you'd like to have someone acting as a comment moderator, you'll need to invite them as a Coordinator as well.

Inviting Coordinators to your webinar is an easy and painless process.

To invite coordinators to your webinar, you'll first want to enter into the settings for your event. You can do this by hitting 'Edit' on the event itself.

You'll be brought to the main Settings area for your event. Here, you'll notice the option to Invite Webinar Coordinators.

You can invite up to 15 Coordinators to your webinar. Coordinators have permissions to enable their mic & webcam, become presenter, view all chat messages, moderate all attendees, and more.

To add a Coordinator, simply enter in their Name and Email and clicking 'Send Invite.'

Once invited, they'll be sent a confirmation email as well as be added to the list of Coordinators.

You can View Join Link to open a pop-up box that shows you their unique Coordinator link they can use to enter the Webinar Backstage.

From here, you can manually copy the link to send to them, or select 'Resend Join Link' to have it sent via email.

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