Demio has two different types of Webinar Series when you're creating a new event.

To set this up, you simply start by creating a standard event and scheduling the first date and time. 

After choosing the date and time, you'll see a blue 'Add Series' button underneath your first scheduled time.

Clicking this button will start the process of choosing your Series type:

Webinar Series (Registrant Stays Registered)

During this event type, your registrants can schedule for one webinar and be automatically registered for all future webinars in the series.

Then you will be asked to set up how often choose the series will run: custom (choose any dates you want), daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can then choose the ending date of the event and click SAVE to create your event.

You will notice a new listing of webinar times on your webinar creation page and the ability to remove any specific dates that you need.

Your registration page will also be updated with the entire listing of Webinars that the Registrants are going to be registered for. (If you are doing an 'Infinite Series,' the page will simply explain that they are registering for a webinar that repeats on every following date)

Registrants Choose Date:

To create a Webinar Encore, or a series where registrants can choose which event to attend, follow the same process and choose "Registrants Choose Date."

Create your webinar dates, scheduled times, and ending date.

As with the 'Registrants Stay Registered' series, your webinar dates will appear for editing once you have saved your Webinar Series settings.

Your Registration page will be changed a bit, and it will now show a dropdown for registrants to choose which date they want to register to attend.

Have questions about creating a webinar series?

Just ask and we'll be happy to take you through it :)

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