Webinar presenters can easily share presentation slides by simply uploading their Powerpoint or Keynote slides (exported as a PDF) into the Demio ‘Materials’ section.

It's as easy as sharing your screen with everyone:

1. Login into your account

2. Create your webinar like usual.

3. Click on the Advanced dropdown on the top right → Select ‘Materials.’

4. Click ‘Add Presentation Material’ on the top right and a popup will appear.

5. Drag your PDF presentation slides into the browser window OR click the ‘Or Click Here’ button and select your Presentation (PDF) to upload.

6. After uploading the file, simply click the ‘Add Presentation Material’ button.

7. Your uploaded Presentation will now be processed and prepared for your Webinar. 

When it's finished processing, you will see the presentation now has 'Edit' and 'Preview' icons on hover → Clicking 'Edit' will allow you to rename the Presentation, and clicking 'Preview' will display previews of the uploaded slides.

Please Note: Uploaded presentation can also be deleted by clicking the small trash can icon by the name of the presentation.

8. Now that your presentation is uploaded, you can go ahead and start the webinar normally.

9. If your Gateway Page is turned on, simply click the 'I'm Ready! Log Me Into Demio' button to login the webinar room.

10. Click 'Start Webinar' → Now click ‘Start Sharing’ in the bottom left corner and select the presentation that you uploaded.

11. Wait until it’s loaded in your viewer. Once it's loaded, you can navigate the slides using the next arrows. Once you've started navigating you can now use the space key on your keyboard to move to the next slide.

You are now sharing your presentation directly in the webinar room!

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