Once you've finished creating your webinar, you will be ready to send out your Registration link to start accepting Registrants.

You can integrate your Registration page with your CRM, customize the Demio Registration page, or embed your Registration form on your own Custom Page (Clickfunnels, OptimizePress, Wordpress etc..)

To start this your Registration Page, simply choose "Registration" under the "Advanced" dropdown on the Event Creation page.

The first step would be to create an integration with your Registration page.

Demio currently integrates with 9 various autoresponders and CRMs. These integrations include Drip, Markethero, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, GetResponse, Ontraport, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, and Aweber. We will be continuously expanding these integrations.

1. To setup an integration, use the drop down menu under your name to Click on “settings" area.

2. Once in Settings, Click ‘Integrations’ tab.

3. Select the service that you want to integrate. Let's suppose Host want to add ‘Mailchimp’ integration and Click on ‘Mailchimp’ icon.

4. It will redirect Host to a page where Mailchimp credentials are asked. Provide credentials here and Click ‘Login’.

5. If credentials are correct this page will authenticate the user and will redirect you back to the ‘Integration tab’ of Demio displaying a message on top ‘API successfully added!’.

6. Click on Advanced tab and select ‘Registration’ option.

8. Here, Scroll down and click on ‘+ Add integration’.

9. Click ‘Choose integration’ dropdown and select ‘Mailchimp’.

10. Click ‘Choose list’ dropdown and select a list from the option there.

Note: For this step, Integrated ‘Mailchimp’ account should have at least one List with subscribers.

11. Forms are a part of Registration page customization which allows host to add additional fields in a registration page. There are 2 fields that are available by default and those are First name and Email address.

But what if host wants to capture extra information from the Registrants? This is where Forms come in the picture.

Add a custom field by entering any name in field that says ‘Text field name’ and clicking ‘Add text button’ next to it.

12. A dropdown will appear for added custom field → Click on dropdown and it will display options which your defined under created list of ‘Mailchimp’.

13. Now on ‘Registration page’ when even this field will be filled by any ‘Registrant’ that data will automatically will be available under List in Mailchimp.

Ex: Entered data in Last name will be automatically stored in Last name column of the list created in Mailchimp List.

Your registration page will now be connected to your integration and will send your registrants directly to your CRM.

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