By default, you'll need to send your Registrants a link to a registration page hosted by Demio. If you don't want to do that, embedding a Registration Form on your own website is quite simple.


After creating your webinar, go to the Advanced tab and click 'Registration'

You'll then see an area that says 'Form.' You can add custom text fields to your form if you wish (e.g. Phone Number, Last Name, Address, etc.)

When you're done editing the text fields, you can click the blue '<\> Embed' button. You'll get a popup with the HTML form and more options.

You can create a simple, unstyled HTML form, or you can create a stylish javascript form with custom colors.

Additionally, you can even use our PopOver embed, which allows you to embed a button/link on a page which will trigger a registration pop up when clicked.

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