You can create Automation Rules to customize any webinar with powerful marketing segmentation.

This allows you to add multiple Triggers when an Attendee:

1.  Registers
2. Does not attend
3. Joins Webinar
4. Joins Late
5. Leaves Early
6. Completes the Webinar
7. Stays Until a Certain Time

These Triggers send an 'Action' (explained below) to the Attendees, and can use your connected CRM to do a few different things: 

Depending on your Integrations in your account, you may have the ability to Add Tags, Remove Tags, Add to List, Remove from List, Add to Automation, Record Events, and more. You will only see what is available using your current integrations.

If you have no Registration Integration set, you can send a Replay Email to Attendees, which will redirect the attendee to a page where a replay of the webinar. Attendees will receive this Replay Email only if they meet the Triggers that you have set.

You can set up the Trigger for any webinar easily:

  • Create a webinar and click on the Advanced Tab → Select 'Automations'
  • Here, you can Add New Rules or copy rules that have been created in the past.
  • If you just want to copy a rule from a past webinar, click 'Copy Rules' and select the event.
  • If you don't have an event to copy from, you can click 'Add New Rule' and select any desired Trigger and Action from the list and click 'Save Rule.' 
  • If you're choosing the 'Send Replay Link' option, you can also set custom text to be sent with the email.
  • You can add multiple Triggers for any webinar by adding new rules one after another.
  • You can also Edit, Delete or Disable the added Triggers whenever you want. Disabling Triggers can be handy and can save time. For example, if you have a series of Webinars that has multiple triggers associated with it, you can disable the triggers on a specific webinar so that they can be enabled when needed again.

Here's an example of the Replay Email received by an Attendee:

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