Sometimes a situation arises where you want to get registrants to a webinar with as little action as possible from them. Other times, you may be hosting a webinar in which Attendees need to pay to get access. Demio has created an easy way to do this with 1-Click Email Links.

With this, you can easily sign up webinar Registrants via email with only 1 click. No need for them to enter their information on a Demio Registration Page. 

Note: You can only use this feature after a CRM has been integrated in the Registration section of your webinar.
Second Note: If you are using ConvertKit, the preview/test emails may not correctly display the 1-click email links, but they will work with real emails.

In order to generate a 1-click email link, follow these simple steps:

1. First of all, you'll need to have your CRM integrated with Demio. You can learn how to do that in a few simple steps here.

2.  After your CRM is integrated, click the 'Add New Event’ tab and create your webinar like normal.

3. Once you've done that, click on Advanced tab and select 'Registration.'

4. Now we need to add the integration on the Registration Page. Then you'll need to click '+ Add Integration.'

Choose your CRM from the dropdown menu and choose the email list that you will be sending the 1-Click Email Links to.

6. Click ‘Choose list’ dropdown and select a list from the option there.

Note: For this step, Integrated ‘Mailchimp’ account should have at least one List.

7. Scroll Down and you'll see that your 1-Click Email link is now available.
Note: In a Webinar series, 1-click registration will register the Attendees for the next webinar in the series.

Note: The 1-click Email link is unique for each CRM since every CRM has its own Merge Fields. IF YOU ARE MISSING A FIRST NAME FIELD IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY ADD A GENERATED FIRST NAME OF "GUEST"

8. You can now take this link & place it into your CRM/ Autoresponder for which this link was generated. Once the link is placed in the CRM, the merge fields will be updated in the link for each registrant & the unique link will be emailed to the registrant.

9. When the registrant click on the link in the email, they will be automatically registered for the webinar & redirect to a page with a URL to join the webinar.

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