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Looking to integrate Demio with ClickFunnels?

It's very simple! The first step is to simply head over to the Registration section of your webinar edit section by going to Advanced --> Registration.

You will find a button called 'EMBED' that contains a few variations of Embeddable webinar registration forms.

You want to choose 'unstyled' and copy the HTML code.

In Clickfunnels, you want to open your Integration section of your page editor and paste in the Unstyled HTML code here:

Click "Parse & Save Web Form".

You will then need to sync your first name and email fields together. Make sure your form fields in Clickfunnels are set to First name and Email.

If you want to keep your Clickfunnels thank you page as the next page in the funnel, then will want to copy the Thank You page url under the the HTML form editor.

It will be under the fields and look like so:

You then will need to paste that URL into the Thank You page section on Demio:

And VOILA! You're integrated with Clickfunnels and Demio!

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