Each event has its own Registration Page which can be customized.

Using the Registration Editor, you can change the title, customize the color scheme, add your own logo, and even include a video.

If you want to edit the Registration Form, you can learn how to do that here!

Registration Editor

In order to start customizing the Registration Page, you'll need to hop into the Registration Editor.

1. Navigate to your event and select Registration from the Advanced dropdown.

2. Click the Launch Editor button.

3. You are now in the Registration Editor!

a. Adding a Custom Logo
Click on the existing logo at the top. You'll be prompted to choose a image file to use as the new logo.

b. Customizing your Color Scheme (Button + Text)
Click on the Color Circle on top and choose a color or add a hex value.

c. Adding an Image or Video
To add an image or video, just click the description area below the countdown timer and a series of icons will appear.

i. Image: Click the image icon and then choose the file from your computer.

ii. Video: Clicking the video icon and paste the URL of the video that you want to put on the registration page.

d. Adding a custom list (Bullet + Numbered)
You can add a custom list using Bullets/Numbers which will also be displayed in the description.

Similar to adding a Image or Video, select the list type from the toolbar.

5. Once you're happy with your changes, hit the Save button at the top-right corner!

You can also preview your Registration page! Just click the Preview button instead, and you'll be brought directly to your Registration page.

Note: The Preview option displays the Live Registration Page—meaning you'll have to Save any new changes first before they appear in the Preview.

Update: 001-180418

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