Note: Polls are currently not available for any On-Demand Automated events. They work for all other event types. We'll be updating this soon so that Polls can work across the board.


With our Polls feature, any Hosts/Coordinators can quickly survey Attendees directly from their event and pull some amazing insights!

Setting up a Poll

From your Chat Box on the right, you'll want to select the plus symbol (+) located near the message box.

Doing so will showcase a few options, including the option to set up a Poll.

You'll be shown the Add Poll window, with the option to set a question and two answer options!

Since it is a Poll, we do require you to set two answer options at minimum. However, you can add additional options—up to 5 total!

You also have the option to Share Results with Attendees.

This will make the results of the Poll public, whereas they are usually only shown to any Hosts/Coordinators.

Once you're Poll is set up and you're happy with how every thing looks, you can choose one of two options!

Share Now: this will share it with your Attendees, right there and then

Save: this allows you to save your newly created Poll to share it later.

Saving a Poll will add it as an Existing action when you select the plus symbol (+) located near the message box.

This is a great option for allowing you to create Polls ahead of time.

Sharing a Poll

Now that you have the Poll set up, it's pretty easy to share!

If you've had saved the Poll while setting it up, selecting the Poll from the Existing Actions will prompt you before sharing it.

When you select the Share Now option, it'll share it immediately!

Once you've shared the Poll, it'll appear directly above the chat, with a few options!

First, you'll find a small toggle-icon located at the top, allowing Attendees to show/hide the pop-up.

On the pop-up itself, it'll showcase the Question and various Answer options you added during the setup.

For any Hosts/Coordinators, it will also show the number of answers given for each option, as well as the total number of Attendees that answered—with a percentage included for both.

Attendees will only see the poll itself with clickable buttons for each option!

If the Poll was Private, it would quickly thank them and hide the pop-up automatically.

If the Poll was Public (the option to Share Results with Attendees was enabled earlier), it would show them the results of the Poll as well!

When a Poll is shared, it'll also add it as a message directly in the Chat Box as well!

Deleting a Poll

You can also delete a Poll after it has been shared.

To do so, simply toggle your Poll then select the More Options (three dots) located at the top-right.

You'll see the option to Delete Poll, which will prompt you then proceed with removing the Handout from your event.

Just keep in mind that once you delete the Poll, you will have to set it up again.

Note: Deleting the Poll will not remove the Chat Message that was previously added—you may want to remove that message manually as well!

Update: 001-180523

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