Integrating Demio with Zapier can offer one of the most powerful tools through opening up all kinds of new automation and segmentation abilities with their 750+ different applications found in their system.

For this example, we'll show you a simple automation that sends a thank-you email to all participants from Gmail.

Get started with pre-made workflow examples or set up your own on Zapier's Demio Integrations page

Setting It Up

An integration between two apps in Zapier is called a Zap. A Zap consist two different applications, a Trigger and an Action. Whenever Triggers happen in one app, Zapier will automatically perform the Action in another app.

So let's take a look how to setup Demio with Zapier:

1. Login to  Demio and click on Settings at the top of the page.

2. In the settings area, click on the Integrations tab. Here, you will see all of the apps that integrate with Demio:

3. Once in the integrations tab, click on the Zapier icon:

4. Scroll Down to see pre-made Zaps or click on the Demio integration link at the bottom of the page:

5. The Zapier page will automatically open in a new tab. Click on Login and Login with your Zapier credentials (or make a new account):

6. After logging in, click on the orange "Make a Zap!" button on the top:

7. Now we have to create a Zap in order to connect Zapier with Demio.
Select a Trigger app to start - i.e Search for Demio and click it.

8. Now you have to select a Trigger and hit Continue

> In this example, we want to send a thank-you message to all Registrants → So, select 'New Registration for Webinar' and hit Continue:

9. The next step will ask you to connect your Demio account. Simply click on the 'Connect a New Account' button:

10. Zapier will ask you to provide the API key and API Secret of your Demio account:

11. For this, go back to your Demio account and click the API option under Settings:

Note: Be careful not to share your API Secret with people outside of your company. If you do, you can always click 'Regenerate' and you will get a new API Secret, but your existing integrations will have to be updated with the new key.

12. Copy these keys from here and paste it on below shown page:

You can now see that your Demio account is connected with Zapier, but in order to Integrate Zapier with Demio, we have to connect this Trigger to an Action.

13. So click Save + Continue.

14. On next step, provide any Upcoming Webinar in Demio that has at least one recent Registration (we need a test registrant to confirm the data is set up correctly in first name/email fields).

15. Click the Continue button. We're done setting our Trigger!

16. Now search for another app → In this case, search for Gmail and select it. Select the action you want to perform:

17. On next step, click 'Connect a New Account' and select your Gmail account.

18. Login with your Gmail credentials:

19. Allow Access to Zapier:

20. You will be redirected to the previous screen and can see that your Gmail account is now connected:

21. Select the information that you'd like to be in your email and click the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page:

22. The next page will show the format of the email that will be sent to all Registrants. You can go back and make changes or click 'Create & Continue':

23. Click on the Finish button on the next page:

24. You can name the Zap here, and toggle the button below to Activate it (ON/OFF):

25. Now you need to go back to your Demio account and check the integration page.

Zapier will appear under your current integrations:

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