Let's get ready for takeoff! 🚀

Creating an Automated Event on Demio is super simple!

From the main Events page, you'll want to click the Add New Event button in the top-right corner.

You'll then want to go forward with the Automated Event type.

What is this event about? 🎥

Our main next step will be to choose the core content.

You have the option to Upload a Video, or choose an existing one from your library (these will include any Recordings for Past Events, as well as any videos you may have uploaded previously).

Remember to also include a Title for your event.

Once you've added that in, just click Continue.

💡 Important note: It can typically take anywhere from half to the full time duration of the video to process in our servers. For example, a video that is an hour in runtime, will process in approximately 30 minutes to one hour.  So you'll want to create your Automated webinar in advance of the time you want to schedule.

Sometimes, depending on how busy our queue can get, it can take a little longer.

Hooray! We're all set. 🙌

That's it for the initial set-up!

You'll be brought directly to the Summary area of your event where you can get started with scheduling your event.

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