Have a webinar that you need to cancel? No problem :)

To cancel your event, simply go to the Webinar Edit screen and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Here you'll find a red trash icon in the middle that has the text "Delete event" next to it.

Demio will first ask you to confirm if you want all upcoming sessions to be cancelled and if you want the event completely deleted from your account.

You may select, "OK" so the cancellation process can be confirmedĀ 

Your event has successfully been cancelled!

Cancelled events will not appear in the Past Events section of Demio.

Also, if you happen to want to re-schedule your event and there are no registrants you can simply go to the Webinar Edit screen and head over to the "When is the event happening" section.

You can select your desired date & time and click the DONE button and select SAVE & FINISH and you'll be all set.

Update: 001-181102

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