The Demio viewer application is now available for all iOS compatible devices (iPads and iPhones) to ensure your attendees can join on any device.

Attendees simply can download and install this app from App store by searching ‘Demio viewer’ prior to any event.

Note: Currently you cannot use the mobile app as a coordinator.

iOS version supported: 9.2 or later.
Device supported:
Iphone 4s and later, Ipod touch (5th gen) and later, Ipad 2 and later.

So let's take a look at how the app works :)

Our Viewer application packs all the punch of our Demio browser rooms into a beautiful and easy to use application.

Attendees can watch and listen to the Webinar Presenter during the event, can easily interact by using ‘Chat’ section, and can access shared Handouts and Resources in the "My Channel" section.

Once inside the Webinar Viewer App you would see the Webinar Screen like so:

Clicking on the Green Chat Icon opens the chat area:

Open the "My Channel" section opens any Resources/Handouts:

Here's exactly how to join in the iOS application:

1. Open Iphone → Go to App store → Type and search for ‘Demio viewer’.

2. Tap on Download icon → Wait until its download and installed successfully.

3. Now go back to email containing Join link → Tap on join link.

4. This will redirect Attendees to a page with popup ‘Open this page in Demio viewer’ → Tap ‘Open’.

5. Attendees will be redirected to Demio App with message ‘The webinar hasn’t started yet’ if there is some time left for webinar to start.

6. The Demio app will display the message ‘Webinar is starting soon’ if attendees join the webinar after the scheduled time.

7. Attendees will be redirected into Webinar room, if the Webinar is already started by the Webinar Host.

Having issues logining into the webinar room?

If you run into ANY issues logging into the mobile app, we've added a few methods to get you in quickly. Simply follow these steps:

1. Go back to email containing Join link again → Tap on ‘Join link’ → Tap on ‘Open’ on next popup.

2. Performing step-1 again will result in any of the 2 possible outcomes i.e step-3 and 4.

3. User will be redirected to Webinar room.

4. If login still fails, then message ‘Having issues joining a webinar?’ will appear.

5. Tap on the ‘?’ icon and Demio will open an instructional message ‘If you are facing issues joining a webinar, copy unique join link from email and return to the app’.

6. So, attendees simply need to copy that join link and re-open the application again and they'll be instantly logged in.

Please Note: The Demio viewer application currently supports only Attendees in listen ONLY mode. 

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