1. Private chat: Attendees are not able to view messages from other Attendees, but the Host / Coordinator can view all messages from all Attendees. Replied messages will be viewable to only participants involved i.e sender and receiver.

2. Public chat: Attendees can view messages sent by other Attendees, and can interact with each other.

Attendee Replies to each other will be visible to all others everyone: Attendees / Hosts / Coordinators.

If a Host / Coordinator replies to another Coordinator, it will be public to other Coordinators but will be private to attendees.

If an Attendee replies to a Host / Coordinator, it will be public for other Coordinators, but private to other Attendees in the Webinar.

Note: Coordinator / Host replies to other Attendees will always be public for other Coordinators in the General tab, regardless of whether it is Private or Public chat.

Attendees are also able to view messages sent by each other.

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