The Active Campaign integration is extremely powerful and flexible with Demio. Integrate your account via API key and unleash the ability to add Tags on Registration or our entire library of Automation Rules. 

Integrating ActiveCampaign only takes a few minutes:

  1. Login to Demio and click on your Profile icon in the top right → Select Settings:

2. In the settings area, click on the Integration tab. Here, you will see all of the apps that integrate with Demio:

3. Once in the integrations tab, click on the ActiveCampaign icon:

4. It will prompt you for your ActiveCampaign API URL and API Key.

5.  To get the API URL and API Key, login to your ActiveCampaign account. Go to “My Settings” and select “Developer” from the left side menu:

6. Under "API Access," copy the URL and paste them in Demio. Click "Connect" and ActiveCampaign will be integrated.

Now that ActiveCampaign is integrated with Demio, you have new options in the Automation and Registration sections of your webinars:

Go to your "Event Edit" screen and click on "Registration" under the Advanced dropdown menu.

From here, you're going to go to the Form section and click "+ Add Integration."

Here you can choose your CRM or Autoresponder and add custom fields for registrants to fill out.

Once you add your integration to the Registration Form section, you'll have new Automation Rules: head over to "Automation Rules" under the Advanced dropdown menu.

Click add new rule, and then select a trigger.

You'll see that you now have custom actions based on your CRM or Autoresponder.

After integrating with ActiveCampaign, you can segment attendees based on their action to add to contact list, add tags, remove tags, add to automations, and save elements to custom fields.

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