With our Like Live Replays, you have the ability to run any past Demio event on-demand inside of the Demio rooms with full reporting and automation. Attendees will get the same great live experience with chats, handouts, and calls to action all appearing at the exact time as your live webinar, all set-up with 1 click inside of Demio.

The key part of Like Live Replays is giving the same experience to those that were unable to attend the live webinar as the ones who were able to watch it live. You can think of them as evergreen webinars that can be watched at any time.

Because Like Live Replays are created from past events, we don't allow users to upload their own videos (prerecorded) to turn them into LLR's. Since the recorded video was never live on Demio, this would take away from the live simulation aspect.

You can, however, run an inline video during a webinar to create a Hybrid webinar.

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