The Like Like Replay page has lot of customization options, and it's really simple to do!

In the top right of your Like Live Replay page, you'll see a button that says 'Advanced.'Clicking on this will give you a few different options: Registration, Automation Rules, and Tracking.

If you scroll down below the analytics, you'll see a section called 'Webinar Preferences.' Here you can customize your chat auto responder, and Redirect Webinar Attendees After the Webinar.

> Chat auto-responder message: When an Attendee on a Like Live Replay sends a message in the Chat, you can have an automated message sent back to them. Then later, you can respond to their chat, and your response will be sent to their email.

This field has default text, but you can change it as desired.

> Redirect Webinar Attendees After Webinar: Entering any URL here will redirect Attendees to that URL after the Like Live Replay ends.

2. Activate/Deactivate Replay: On the Like Live Replay report page, you'll find an 'Activation/Deactivation' button at the bottom of the page. Clicking this will deactivate your Like Live Replay. Anyone with the link will no longer be able to join the webinar, and they will receive a message that it has ended.

Deactivated LLR:

3. Advanced options:
> Registration: Clicking on the ‘Advanced’ tab and selecting ‘Registration’ will redirect you to the edit page for the Registration section of your Like Live Replay.

Clicking ‘Launch Editor’ will redirect you to the Registration Editor page.

On this page, you can change the Logo, Heading, Text color, as well as add any images or videos, which will be displayed to anyone who goes to the registration page for the LLR.

We have a great article on Customizing Your Registration Page and Form.

> Automation rules: Click on the Advanced tab and select ‘Automation rules.' From here you can copy rules from any existing event or create a new rule by clicking the ‘Add New Rule’ button.

Rules can only be added if there are integrations linked with your Demio account and the Registration Page on your Like Live Replay.
Click here to learn more about adding an integration to your Registration Page.

> Tracking: Click on the Advanced tab and select ‘Tracking.' The tracking section can be used to add tracking pixels or codes to any page in the registration process.

With Demio, you’re not restricted to only using our registration page templates.

We give you the freedom to embed your registration on any site via an HTML form. This is perfect for member areas, inside of software applications, or even on your blog. On top of that, the embeddable registration forms makes it easy to use Demio with popular landing page builders such as Leadpages, ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, and almost any other landing page builder that allows custom HTML.

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