Like Live Replays is the latest feature that has been released inside of Demio. This feature allows account owners to create a Webinar with 1 click that plays on-demand for past attendees, registrants, or new viewers. 

Note: Like Live Replays are not available on all plans.

Any actions that occurred on the live webinar (attendee chats, handouts, or call to actions) would then be launched in the Like Live Replay at the exact same time for attendees.

Account owners can create a Like Live Replay from any past event and share the registration link with them (Or use any of our embed options to create your own page!).

Creating Your Like Live Replay

Like Live Replays are extremely easy to create within Demio.

1. Login to your Demio account.

2. Click on ‘Add New Event’ → Enter your Like Live Webinar details and click ‘Continue.'

3. Add any custom things you want on your webinar, such as presentation materials, custom emails, automation rules, a custom registration page, etc. Then Save the event.

4. When you're ready to launch your webinar, click ‘My Events’ → Find your webinar that you just created and click ‘Start.'

5. Start your webinar, keeping in mind that a LLR (Like Live Replay) created from this Event will be an exact copy of the webinar.

6. Besides the recording itself, we'll also save sent messages, shared Handouts and Resources, as well as any screen sharing. All of this will be available for Like Live Replay Attendees to receive like those on a live webinar.

7. When you're done, end the webinar by going Backstage and clicking ‘Stop webinar.’

8. Go back to the My Events page → Go to the Recordings tab → Wait until the Webinar recording is done processing.

9. After your recording is processed, go back to My Events.

10. Click on ‘Past events’ → Scroll down to the Webinar that you just ran.

11. Click the ‘Launch Replay’ button → This will redirect you to the Like Live Replay Page.

Note: In order to create a Like Live Replay event, you must have a recording of the Past Event. Deleting recordings will disable this ability.

12. On top of the Like Live Replay screen, you'll see the Registration URL for the Like Live Replay. You can now share this URL.

13. When people click on the registration link, they will be redirected to the editable Registration Page.

14. When people fill in their details and click the 'Register Now' button, it will automatically launch the Like Live Replay for them.

Once you've created your Like Live Replay, you have many different options to customize it. You can learn about customizing your Like Live Replay here.

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