Demio records every webinar for you automatically. This way, you'll never forgot to hit 'record!'

The recording will be started when you click 'Start Webinar' from the Backstage -- AKA, the moment you go live to your audience. The recording will be finished when the 'Stop Webinar' button is clicked and the webinar is ended.

In the Recordings section in the left-hand menu, you'll see all past recordings, as well as recordings that are still processing from recent webinars:

Processing time may vary, but generally it will take about 1/3 of the live webinar time to process the recording. For example, if your webinar was one hour long, it will take (on average) about 20 minutes to process.

Once it has finished processing, you can hover over the recording to reveal a few options:

1) A link to the replay

2) Open the replay in a new tab

3) Editor

4) Download the recording (as an .MP4 file)

5) Delete the recording

You can see an example here:

You can also preview the recording by clicking on the "play" button on the thumbnail.

Note: If you'd like to send the recording of a webinar right after the webinar ends, you can do so in the Automation Rules section when setting up your webinar.

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