After your recording has finished uploading to your account, Demio will automatically create a simple Replay page for you to share.

Under the recording section, you can hover over your newly processed recording to find a few new options.

You will find the options to:

  • Copy the Replay page link
  • Open the Replay page in a new tab
  • Open the Replay editor to customize your headline, page color, or button text
  • Download your recording
  • Delete your recording

Recording Editor

The Recording Editor is similar in appearance to the Registration page editor and you can edit the page primary color, headline, subheadline, and add a button with custom text, under your Replay video.

Once complete with your edits, you can hit 'Save' and exit the editor.

At this point, you can send out your replay page to your audience (via social media or via your 3rd party CRM) or use one of our Automated Rules to automatically trigger a 'Replay Email' to send this replay link and custom text.


Update: 180326-001

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