By default, Attendee Chat is set to Private, meaning that Attendees cannot see each other's chats. We highly recommend that you make sure that your preference is set before the webinar, but if you want to change the chat type during the webinar, you can do that as well.

When you start a webinar from the Event Creation page, the webinar room opens in a new tab.

If you switch back to the original tab, you're able to edit the webinar, even if you've already went live. Just click on the 'Edit' button in the top right.

You'll then see the main even creation screen that you used to create the webinar. In the lower half of the page you'll see the Chat Preferences.

Simply change your chat preference to whatever you would like, and you're done!

You will see the preference change in the chat immediately, but the chats might not appear or disappear for Attendees (whichever you chose) for up to 3 minutes.

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