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Enabling The Devices

Turning on your webcam or microphone is super easy!

Once you're in the Event Room, you should be able to turn your webcam and/or microphone on individually using the icons located in in the top-right.

Any Admin with presentation abilities (either a Host or a Presenter) would be allowed to enable their device.

Additional options! 🌟


A total of three [3] concurrent webcams can be enabled at a time.

A total of fifteen [15] concurrent microphones can be enabled at a time.

Once a device is disabled, the slot will be freed up for another Presenter to enable their device.


Enabling Webcam/Microphone Permissions in Google Chrome

If you're having mic and/or webcam troubles within the webinar room (or on the system check), it's most likely because Chrome doesn't have permission to use your mic and/or webcam. This in turn makes it impossible to use those in Demio.

Demio automatically asks for these permissions the first time you try to use your mic or webcam, but sometimes the permissions can be revoked for various reasons.

Here's how to manually enable mic/webcam permissions in Google Chrome:

In the top left of your Chrome browser, you'll see a Lock Icon next to the words "Demio, INC [US]"

Just click on this box and you'll see a dropdown.

In the dropdown, you'll see a camera and microphone icon, along with the current permissions that Demio has for them.

If you click on them and change them to "Always allow on this site" then Demio will have proper Chrome permissions to use your mic and/or webcam, allowing you to use them in Demio.

This is what it should look like after you allow the permissions:

Update: 001-181014

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