Resources are a powerful way to get your attendees to click and take action on a Call to Action. On some webinars, you may be selling a product or service. Creating a Resource will allow you to send a Call to Action to your attendees during your webinar.

The idea behind resources is to create a more powerful way to offer a call to action during a webinar. Demio offers Audio and Visual notifications of the Resource which serves as a much more powerful approach than just dropping a "Text Link" into the chat.

Just like Handouts, Resources can only be added by the webinar host.

Adding a resource is much easier than you think:

  • In a webinar, Go Backstage → Click on the ‘Resources’ tab. (You can do this anytime before the webinar is started)
  • Click on the ‘Add New Resources’ button → This will display a popup for adding a new resource
  • Clicking ‘Upload Resource Image’ will let you add an image which will be displayed to Attendees only after sharing this resource.

Note: Images should be square or rectangle with a minimum size of 250px. Demio will auto-fill the image to fit the window.

  •  Selecting ‘Share now’ and clicking the ‘Add New Resource’ button will share this resource instantly.
  • Choose ‘Share later’ if the you want to share the Call to Action at a later time in the webinar.

Once saved and setup, you can then "Stop Sharing" or "Share With Attendees" at any time from Backstage.

Once the sharing of a resource has started it will then appear in a unique tab for attendees under the My Channel section of Attendees. It would look like so:

Attendee Notifications

Once the resource is shared, you're attendees will be notified in a few different ways if they don't have the My Channel section open.

1. They'll see a pop-up appear towards the bottom right:

2. They'll see a counter appear/increment on the My Channel icon towards the top right:

3. They'll hear an audible notification!

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