Starting a webinar on Demio is extremely simple!

Once you have logged into your webinar, you will enter into the Webinar Backstage. Here you will see other coordinators, attendees, and in the near future other items like Materials or Polls.

You can speak to any other Coordinator before your webinar has started and your attendees will still stay on the Waiting Screen before the webinar begins.

To start the webinar simply click the green button "START WEBINAR" on the top right.

Once the webinar goes live, you will see the text prompts change on the page, alerting you that the webinar is now live, a recording icon will appear along with a timer in the top toolbar, and attendees will be moved into the webinar room.

When you are ready to end your webinar, open the Webinar Backstage once more and hit "STOP WEBINAR" in the same location.

Once the webinar has ended, all Attendees will be redirected to a Demio Thank You page, where they can rate their experience using Demio and offer any feedback for our Team.

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