Turning on your Mic / Webcam in Demio is simple and anyone who is the Presenter (i.e Host or Co-ordinator) can turn on the Mic / Webcam. Presenters can turn on the Mic & Webcam using the steps below:

  • Log on to your Demio Account --> Click "Join Room"
  • A new tab should display the webinar backstage --> Presenters (i.e Host / Coordinator) can turn on their Mic / Webcam by clicking on the red Mic & Webcam icons towards the top right side of the screen.

** Note:

  1. Presenters (Host / Coordinators) can turn on Mic / Webcam from any of the webinar screens i.e backstage or presentation screen.
  2. The number of webcams that can be turned on is limited to 3 at any given time.
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