By default, Webinar Attendees do not have permission to use their mic or webcam during a webinar. If you (as the webinar host) would like to grant permission to an Attendee so that they can use their microphone or webcam, follow this post.

Once granted permission by the webinar host, the Attendee will then need to enable Chrome permissions in order to allow Demio to access their microphone or webcam:

1. This is what the Attendee will see when the webinar starts.

2. After the webinar host grants you permission to use your microphone or webcam, they will see a confirmation message. They should click 'Yes.'

3. After clicking 'Yes,' they will see a popup in the top left of their browser. They should click 'Allow.'

4. The Attendee will now be able to us their mic on Demio. They can now go to the top right and click the new Microphone icon to turn it on.

If the Attendee doesn't get the first popup with the options to 'Block' or 'Allow' their mic, they can simply follow the instructions that appear on Demio to get the popup:

If the Attendee's Microphone or Webcam is still not working, they should Run a System Check here. They can also click on the "Having Issues?" link below their chat message box:

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