Attendees are not allowed to turn on their Mics / Webcams by default. However, Presenters (i.e Host / Coordinators) can grant Mic / Webcam permissions to Attendees anytime during a live webinar.

Note: We currently only support Google Chrome for using Microphones and Webcams with Demio. Therefore attendees that wish to use their Mic / Webcam will need to use Google Chrome.

Presenters need to follow the steps below for granting Mic / Webcam permissions to attendees:

  • Start a Webinar --> Click "Go Backstage" button --> Click on "Attendees" tab
  • A list of attendees will be displayed to the presenter --> Click on the 3 Dots displayed next to the desired attendees (i.e the attendee to whom the permissions are to be given) name
  • Select the required permissions (Mic/Webcam) from the dropdown
  • This will send a request to Attendee to turn on their Mic / Webcam. If the Attendee clicks Yes, their Mic / Webcam will turn on straight away, but If they choose No then they will get Mic / Webcam options which they can turn on at any time they want.

Note --> This feature can only be used if the Attendee has supported Devices connected to their system (microphone / webcam). A Red cross icon in front of the Attendee's name will be displayed to the Presenter in the ‘Backstage’ area if an Attendee does not have the supported devices connected to the system

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