Chat is one of the core features on Demio, and it allows you to have a conversation with your Attendees.

Everyone on the webinar can access the chat box by clicking the message icon in the top right of the app:

Attendees will only see a "general" chat box where they can send chat messages and question, but Coordinators will have two chat tabs:

By sending a message in General chat as a Coordinator, all attendees will see it. However, if an attendee sends a message, only Coordinators will see that message. This will remain true as long as the chat is private.

By accessing the "Coordinators" chat tab, Coordinators can chat with each other without any attendees seeing the messages.

If you're the only Coordinator on the webinar, you can still use this section for keeping private notes during the event:

You can also reply privately to individual chats on your webinars. Just hover over any chat message, and you'll see a blue reply link:

When you click "Reply," you'll see a Tag applied in the chat box:

To cancel the reply, simply just backspace to delete the tag. Alternatively, you can click the red "x" to cancel the reply.

By sending a message with a reply tag, it will only be received by that Attendee as a private message.

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