Each pricing package on Demio has a limit on the size of your webinar room. This means that you can only have as many attendees live on your webinar as your package allows.

Currently, the room sizes are 100, 500, and 1000 attendees.

If you hit this limit, the next attendee to join will be see a waiting screen that tells them that the webinar is full. When another attendee leaves the webinar room, they will be put into the room in their place.

Example: You have the 100 attendee package and 100 attendees are live on a webinar. The 101st attendee will not be able to enter the webinar, but will be put in a queue to join. If one live attendee leaves the webinar, then the 101st attendee will become the 100th attendee and get put into the webinar.

It's possible to upgrade your plan during your webinar if you hit the limit, and it will take up to a few minutes to take effect, granting you the larger room size and allowing more attendees in the room.

If you need more than 1000 attendees, please contact our support.

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