Demio now includes a Gateway page which has everything included in a series of steps that a ‘Webinar Host / Coordinator’ can perform before starting any webinar to ensure that they have a smooth experience running the webinar they are about Start / Join.

This Gateway page includes:

1. Running a System Check
2. Running a speed test
3. Download our Screen Sharing plugin

Run a system check here

This link will redirect a ‘Webinar Owner / Coordinator’ to a page where They can check that their permissions are set correctly for the browser, and their audio / webcam are connected.

Run a speed test here:

This link will redirect ‘Webinar Owner / Co-ordinator’ to a page where they can check if ‘Download / Upload’ speed of a system is good enough to host or attend a webinar.

Download our Screen Sharing plugin here:

The Demio plugin is necessary if you are planning to present your screen.

This page will appear for any Webinar Host when logging in the webinar room (clicking the ‘Start’ button of a webinar on the ‘My Events’ page) and any Coordinator will be redirected to the Gateway Page when they click the webinar join link sent by the Webinar Host.

 Updating your Pre-Webinar Gateway Page Settings:

You can also turn Gateway pages ON/OFF for any your own account or for Coordinators, as well.

To do this, just follow below steps:

1. Login into your Dashboard as the account Admin.

2. On the ‘My Events’ page, click on the ‘Profile’ icon and select ‘Settings’.

3. Scroll down and you'll see the Pre-Webinar Gateway Page Settings.

4. ‘Disabling’ the first option will disable the Gateway page for Webinar Hosts only.

5. ‘Disabling’ second option will disable the Gateway page for invited coordinators.

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