Our new room improvements introduce several new bells-and-whistles to the Demio event roomβ€”such as top-down control over who is shown on stage, options to share content in a distraction-free mode, and much more!

Check out this video overview for a full rundown on all of the changes:

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Breaking Down Where Everything Is πŸ‘€

Stage Management: Manage Who Is Shown πŸ‘₯

Smart Layouts: The Best Layout, Always 🧠

Theater Mode: A More Focused Experience 🍿

Flexible Branding (Background Color + Company Icon) 🌟
Additional Details: Extra Things You Should Know
What's Next?

Breaking Down Where Everything Is πŸ‘€

Along with the new features we've introduced, we also gave the room a visual makeover. Let's start by outlining where everything is now located!

Event Details Modal

The event details modal is the new hub for everything related to your event. You can access this modal from the top-left (use the button containing your company icon, event name, and event status).

Doing so will present a modal that shows the following details:

  • company icon & name (more details below)
  • event name
  • admin details (containing information about your room limitations and registration page link) β€” available for event admins
  • session details & status
  • start/end session button β€” available for Hosts

Options Menu

The options menu is located in the top-right, housing many options that you're already familiar with. You'll find:

  • profile card (contains your details so you can quickly see how you appear in the room)
  • fullscreen toggle
  • settings (for managing your devices)
  • chat collapse/expand

Bottom Bar

Finally, we've consolidated a few different options into a single bar located at the bottom of your window. The options within your bar change as you join/leave the stage, but here's a quick list of what you'd find:

  • People menu (where event admins can view/manage everyone on the event)
  • microphone/camera β€” available for anyone on stage
  • sharing menu β€” available for Hosts/Presenters on stage
  • Go On Stage β€” available for Hosts/Presenters (Moderators/Attendees can still join the stage but need to be invited)
  • Leave Stage β€” available for anyone that is on stage

One final note, Featured Actions will now appear at the bottom-left of the screen. This will be consistent across all devices, including mobile devices.

Stage Management: Manage Who Is Shown πŸ‘₯

Now that you're familiar with the overall layout let's jump into the first exciting new feature: the stage. The new stage will determine who is shown in the room (and who isn't). This will afford you (and other admins) more control over what is being shown and when.

Stage Overview

Here are a few quick rules to help understand how the new stage works:

  • only people on stage will appear to everyone in the room in the main area
  • only people on stage will be able to share their webcam/microphone or share content (sharing content will remain limited to Hosts/Presenters)
  • each person on stage will have a corresponding stage card (even if someone keeps their webcam turned offβ€”their card would only display their avatar)
  • Hosts/Presenters can quickly join the stage at any time, whereas Moderators/Attendees would need to be invited onto the stage

Stage Size

The stage size directly relates to the total number of concurrent people you can have on your stage at any one time. The stage limitation is set to 4 people (for most plans) β€” this means you can now have up to 4 people on the stage, all sharing their webcams at once! πŸ™Œ

✨ Quick Tip: Event admins can view the room's stage size from the Admin Details section of the event details modal

Stage Management

Hosts will have the ability to manage the stage, including the option to invite or promptly remove someone from the stage and request specific devices from people on stage.

Stage management options are available through the dropdown shown on both the stage card and the People area.

✨ Quick Tip: Hosts do not need to be on stage to manage the stage.

Smart Layouts: The Best Layout, Always 🧠

Our next feature happens behind the scenes to bring the best viewing experience to everyone! With our Smart Layouts, the content in the room (stage cards + shared content) would intelligently make the best use of space, specifically for each person's unique screen size.

Someone tuning in on a smaller mobile device will see a different layout than someone joining from a large desktop monitorβ€”it'll optimize it for their specific screen while also taking into account the number of people on the stage and the size of the content being shared.

Additionally, Smart Layouts will automatically adjust the layout on-the-fly as things change (whether that's new content, additional people joining/leaving the stage, or a window being resized).

This is definitely one of those magical features that's easier shown than explained. Take a look at it in action, or try it yourself by resizing your browser window!

Theater Mode: A More Focused Experience 🍿

Finally, we're bringing an all-new way to share content. Sharing something in Theater Mode will remove all distractions and ensure that your content is the main focus in the room!

It'll hide all stage cards, auto-hide the top/bottom areas, and resize the content to take up the available space (again, using our Smart Layouts).

Enabling Theater Mode would apply the focused changes to everyone in the room, once again giving you and your admins direct control over the viewing experience. It's available for all shareable content (slides, videos, screenshare).

✨ Quick Tip: Theater Mode can be enabled by any Hosts/Presenters on stage, and you can switch to Standard Mode at any time. You can also start sharing something in Theater Mode by using the dropdown options available in the Sharing Options menu.

Flexible Branding (Background Color + Company Icon) 🌟

Background Color (Coming Soon!)

With the new room makeover, we wanted to open up the ability to add additional branding in the room. We're introducing the ability to add a background color to the room, adding color to your event room and bringing your brand to life.

You'll be able to set a custom color for your room that'll be used across all event rooms.

Company Icon πŸ’‘

We'll also be making a switch from using your company logo to utilizing a company icon. The new icon will give us (and you) more flexibility, allowing us to show it across all screen sizes, various areas across the room, and even more areas in the future!

Note: We'll continue using the Company Logo for areas like the Registration/Replay pages and Email Notifications.

To set a Background Color or add a Company Logo, navigate to your Branding settings to add an image. You'll also want to double-check that branding is enabled for the Webinar Room.

Additional Details: Extra Things You Should Know

Here are a few extra details that are worth knowing!

Event Admin Permissions

Since a few new features are being added, here's a quick review of how each admin-level differs in terms of permissions.


Quick Explanation

Who Has Permission?

Stage Management

The ability to invite/remove people from the stage and request/revoke the camera/microphone of anyone on stage.

Hosts (both on/off stage)

Expanded Sharing Controls

Specifically, the new ability to enable/disable Theater Mode.

Hosts/Presenters (on stage)

Mobile Browser Support

With our new updates, we'll be consolidating our mobile/desktop room experiences! In simpler terms, Attendees across all devices will view the same experience (again, our Smart Layouts will ensure that the presentation of the content is optimized for their individual screen size).

With that in mind, here's a full list of supported browsers:


Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge




Native Browser, Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Note: During beta, some browsers may be limited/not supported at the start. Throughout the beta experience, we'll continue adding full support for these browsers.

What's Next?

Your Feedback is Valuable

First things first: we want to hear from youβ€”both the good and the bad!

If you currently have access to Beta, give all the new features a look and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear how these changes might benefit or change the way you run webinars on Demio!

Note: If you currently don't have access to Beta, give us a shout, and we'll get you access as soon as possible!

Event Admins/Attendees (on Stage) on Mobile (Future Idea) πŸ’‘

Here's another item we're excited to share! While our team was building the improved room experience, we made a few changes that set the foundation for bringing the full Demio experience to mobile.

This means Event Admins (and Attendees) can join and share their devices directly from a mobile device!

As one of our more requested features, we're super excited to continue our work around this feature!

In-Room Waiting Area (Future Idea) πŸ’‘

Finally, we've been toying with the idea of bringing the waiting room into the room. Here are a few benefits that this would open up:

  • Event Admins could send message to Attendees ahead of the event (possibly even allowing Attendees to respond)
  • Attendees would be able to engage with any resources that were shared before the event
  • Attendees would be in the room the moment the session starts

Again, another idea we'd love to hear your feedback around!

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