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Finding the Registrants that signed up for your Event.

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When you open the Activity page of your Event, you will find a list of any and all people that Registered, Attended, and/or were a No Show at your Event under the People section.

You can filter the list based on attendance behavior and request data export from this page.

The People tab can also be filtered by Session or date range across multiple Sessions.

For any past Session, you'll see the Attendance details for each Registrant:

  • The Joined timestamp is the first time when an Attendee joined your webinar.

  • The Exit timestamp is when the Attendee hopped off that webinar for the last time.

  • If the Attendee dropped mid-webinar and joined again, it will not change the Joined timestamp, but it will update the Exit timestamp.

  • Attendance (Minutes) and Attendance (%) refer to the time the Attendee spent in the Event Room specifically.

  • Focus (%) shows the percentage of time the Attendee had the Demio tab active while in the Session. When Attendees switch to another browser tab, they won't be counted as Focused.

By scrolling the Registrants list to the right, you'll find additional data:

  • Location is automatically detected by Registrants' IP addresses when they sign up for your Event via Demio Registration Page or Demio Registration Form embedded on your website.

  • GDPR True or False responses would be captured when you have GDPR Settings enabled. GDPR data shows if Registrants opted in to receive an additional marketing communication or not.

  • Data from any custom fields added to your Registration Form will appear here as well.

  • UTM data and Referral URLs are pulled in based on the registration source.

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