Breaking It Down!

How does Host-based pricing work?

Demio has Host-based pricing, which means the number of Hosts affects your subscription cost.

The Growth and Premium plans allow multiple Hosts, while the Starter plan will only allow a single Host. Various room sizes are available on each tier. For a breakdown of our current plans, view our pricing page.

All plans include 1 host. Growth and Premium customers can purchase multiple hosts if they plan to run more than one live event simultaneously.

What is a Host?

A Host is a Team Member that may host events which includes the ability to start/end sessions and manage the stage. A member's Host Ability can be enabled/disabled from the Team settings,

Team members without Host Ability enabled will still have account access and can be quickly added as Event Admins in a Presenter/Moderator role.

Can I switch which Team Members are a Host?

You can enable/disable Host Ability for your Team Members at any time. Once you've reached your Host limit, you'll need to add additional Hosts to your plan (or remove Host Ability from another Team Member).

Legacy Users

With the release of our new Host-based pricing in 2021, we made a concerted effort to transition all existing users to the new plans.

This migration process ensured that all users were moved to current plans, allowing them to receive future feature updates correctly and have access to add additional Hosts to their plan.

Below are a few common questions (and their respective answers). Of course, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team with any questions you might have.

What happened to my current plan?

Starting August 12th, 2021, and for over 2 months, we migrated all subscription plans to one of the new Host-based pricing plans.

Any Starter/Growth customers were automatically migrated to an equivalent plan, with no changes to their monthly cost. These changes occurred shortly after the changes went live.

All Business (and remaining Legacy) customers were able to choose one of our new plans that were suitable for their needs. If you didn't schedule a plan change within 2 months, we automatically migrated you to the closest equivalent plan in terms of room size. For any users that fall within this category, access your Billing settings to identify the exact plan we migrated you to.

Note: For Business/Legacy customers, any automatic plan migrations that we scheduled will occur at the end of your current billing period (your next renewal date). If you selected a plan yourself, an increase in either room size or number of Hosts changed your plan immediately (as a prorated upgrade). If there were a decrease, the change would occur at the end of your current billing period.

What are Free Hosts?

Any users coming from a prior legacy subscription that included Hosts had additional Free Hosts added to your account. These Free Hosts were automatically included in your plan's Hosts and added to the first Host (required for all subscriptions).

Any Free Hosts will remain on your account as long as your current subscription remains active.

Note: Since our Starter plan only allows for 1 Host, any users that downgrade to the Starter plan will have all Free Hosts removed permanently.

I'm already paying for additional Hosts. What happens to those?

Previously, we offered additional Hosts (formerly known as Sub-Users) to users on the Business plan that exceeded their Host limit.

We reached out to each of these users directly, as these additional Hosts use the new Host pricing model.

For any users that didn't make any changes within the allotted 60 days, these additional Hosts were migrated to your new plan using the new pricing options.

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