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API Limitations

The Demio API makes it easy for developers to run actions or access data through other applications. Learn more about our limitations.

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Rate Limits

The following rate limits exist for all Users, in order to protect our system from spam attacks.

180 requests per minute

Any requests over 180 within a 60-second period will result in an error.

Daily API Calls

The total number of API calls you can make to your account each day using the Demio API or any third-party tools like Zapier resets every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC.

Free Trials

Free trials account are able to make up to 100 API calls per day.


Paying customers are able to make up to 5,000 API calls per day.

If you need more than 5,000 daily API calls, you may request an increase here. Limit increases will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

You can track your daily usage from within the API tab of your Settings area:

Suspended API Access

If your API usage is not compliant with our spam policy, we reserve the right to suspend your API access.

Building an Integration with Demio

If you're interested in building your own integration with Demio, read our API documentation. You can also connect with over 1,000+ pre-built applications with Zapier.

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