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How to Web-Optimize Videos Before Uploading to Demio
How to Web-Optimize Videos Before Uploading to Demio

Everything you need to know about optimizing your videos.

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If your video lags, doesn't upload correctly, or doesn't stream when sharing it in your webinar room, this result may occur when the video is not web-optimized.

Video files consist of data chunks, which are randomized. Web-optimizing the video will help sort the ATOM -Table of content- of the video to the very beginning of the file. This will allow the software to have an easier time reading the file, and in turn will upload, stream, and download the file with no issues.

We recommend web-optimizing your videos before using it for your Video Materials and Automated Events. This process is also helpful in shrinking the overall video size without losing its quality.

1) The video can be re-processed and web-optimized via a free tool you can download such as Handbrake.

2) Install Handbrake, then select your file.

3) Transcode the file at fast 1080px30 or fast 720px30 as your general preset.

4) When you do get started, please ensure to click web-optimized and that the format is set as an MP4 video.

Once the video has been reprocessed, it's all ready to be used for your Automated Event or Video Materials. βœ…β€‹


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