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Why Aren't My Properties Showing in Demio's Field Mapping?
Why Aren't My Properties Showing in Demio's Field Mapping?

Understanding List and Field Mapping

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When integrating your HubSpot CRM with Demio, it's essential to ensure that the property types of your lists in HubSpot match the field types required by Demio. This ensures a seamless mapping process and accurate data synchronization. If your lists are not appearing in the dropdown menu, it is likely due to a mismatch in property types.

Steps to Resolve the Issue:

  1. Check Property Types:

    • Go to your HubSpot account and navigate to the list you want to map.

    • Verify the property type of the list (e.g., boolean, text, number).

    • Ensure that the property type matches the required field type in Demio.

  2. Adjust Property Types:

    • If the property type does not match, you may need to adjust it in HubSpot.

    • Create a new property or modify the existing one to match the required type (e.g., change a text property to a boolean property if needed).

  3. Update the Integration:

    • Once the property types are aligned, go back to the integration settings in Demio.

    • Refresh the field mapping page and check if the list now appears in the dropdown menu.

  4. Field Types in Demio (for reference and accuracy):

    • GDPR: Boolean (True/False)

    • Unique Join Link: Text

    • Location: Text

    • Event Title: Text

    • Session Date & Time: Date

    • UTM ID: Text

    • UTM Source: Text

    • UTM Medium: Text

    • UTM Name: Text

    • UTM Term: Text

    • UTM Content: Text

    • Referral URL: Text

    • Join Timestamp: Time

    • Exit Timestamp: Time

    • Attendance (Min): Number

    • Attendance %: Number

    • Focus: Number

    • Viewed Replay: Boolean (True/False)

    • Event ID: Number

    • Session ID: Number

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