Swapping the Video! 🔀

At the moment, we don't offer a direct option for users to swap out the automated video for any of their automated events.

However, as a workaround solution, we are able to swap the video directly on our end upon request. In order to swap you're video, you'll need to proceed as follows:

1. Create a brand new automated event with the new video you'd like to use (the one that you'd like to swap in) and ensure that the video completes processing.

2. Copy the event links for the original event and the new event.

3. Contact our support team and request a swap, sharing both links that you copied. 

That's it! Once you've sent the request, our team will execute the swap and confirm with you once completed. The new video will be swapped in to your original event and replace the old one.

Upcoming Update!

While our team will continue supporting this workaround solution, we do have plans to add the option for users to swap the video directly. If you're interested in keeping tabs on this update, you do follow the card on our roadmap: Swap Automated Video

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