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Evergreen Automated Events
Automated Events: Best Practices
Automated Events: Best Practices

Learn how to create evergreen Events to generate leads 24/7.

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A common misconception about webinars is that they’re Events you only run once. But with the right webinar strategy, you can create an evergreen stream of leads long after your live Event ends by adjusting the content for an Automated Event.

Automated Events allow scheduling a Session to start at a specific time or at any time by enabling On-Demand availability.

  • The Registration process for a scheduled Session is exactly the same as registering for a live webinar.

  • The registration process for On-Demand Sessions is similar, however, Registrants are able to view the recording immediately, instead of waiting for a specific time.

There are a few steps you can take to get the best results from your Automated Events. Let's jump into it now!

  • The key is to be transparent. You can call the webinar a masterclass, a limited replay, an on-demand training — it doesn’t matter, as long as your prospects understand it’s not live.

  • Adapt the recording of your live Event for our Automated format by removing the boring parts (like the meet and greet) and eliminating unnecessary transitions.

  • Add bonuses for staying until the end. A primary element of this is relevancy - make sure you connect your content to an offer that makes sense for your audience. A little trick to make your offer more exciting is the “value-stack.” In addition to the free trial or sales call, you can add extra bonuses like white-glove onboarding or a one-time discount.

With Automated content, you have a longer period to test traffic campaigns. Let’s run through the different traffic sources you can leverage, from the easiest to the most complicated:

  1. Adding your On-Demand webinar to your warm email nurture is a great way to boost engagement with your list. Imagine this scenario: it’s a month after your live webinar and a number of new leads have entered your pipeline. In addition to your normal follow-up, you can now send them to the On-Demand training and establish a constant stream of Attendees.

  2. A HIGHLY underrated use of On-Demand webinars is in cold outreach. Just like the warm nurture sequences, this provides another avenue to connect with your prospects. Instead of sending multiple emails asking for a meeting, why not include a link to that amazing On-Demand webinar?

  3. You can also advertise your On-Demand webinars in PPC ads. Not only do you have more time to optimize your ad creative, but you can also run your campaigns for months on end.

Automated webinars rely on one premise: providing valuable content to your ideal prospects whenever they want. It’s an incredible way to build long-term relationships and engage with your buyers. Remember, the live webinar is just the beginning! 💥

To see what an Automated Event looks like in motion, and how it is presented like-live, you can check out our famous Demio Game Show Event:

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