Taking a look at the two! ✌️

We currently have a few different event types that you can run: Standard, Series, and Automated. For the sake of this comparison, we'll only be looking at our Standard and Automated events.

While they both work in a similar way, especially when it comes to the set up, there are some core differences that are important to consider!


A standard event allows you to run live sessions and engage with your Attendees in all the awesome ways you know and love.


An automated event is designed to automate the presentation of your sessions. They work in a similar way to standard events, but you don’t have to share any content during the event—instead, you can add and use a pre-recorded video.

You’ll still be able to jump on and engage with your Attendees live through the chat, as well create and schedule resources that you wish to share.

To get started with running Automated events, check our our Creating an Automated Event guide.

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