Managing Resources

Learn how to upload and manage any Resources from the Event options.

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Getting started! ✨

Resources are add-ons to the chat box that allow you to engage your Attendees in powerful ways.

Here's a quick summary of the resources we currently offer:

  • Poll: Ask a multiple-choice question to your Attendees and survey their answers.

  • Handout: Share a file directly with your Attendees.

  • Featured Action: Share a Call-to-Action link with your Attendees.

While they can be created during a Session from the chat box, we also allow you to create and add them directly from the Event Options prior to the Session.

Once they're added, they'll be available for you to share from the chat box for each Session in that Event.

Getting them added! 🌟

To start, you'll want to hop into the Customize Options by clicking on the Event name in your account.

From there, you'll find the Room card where you can add new Resources and manage existing ones.

You can drag and drop the Resources to order them exactly as you want to see them in the room.

Add a Poll

To add a Poll, select the Add A Resource option. Select Poll for the type of Resource.

You'll be prompted to create a Poll question, then add options for answers.

You can add additional options by selecting Add Another Option or remove them, as long as you have a minimum of two available.

You can also choose to Share results with attendees which will show the Poll results to any Attendees after they've selected an answer.

Submit your changes and you'll be able to see it in your list of Resources.

Add a Handout

Select Handout for the type of resource. You'll also be prompted to give it a title.

Then you'll want to upload your file using the file upload box available. We allow you to share any type of file up to 500 MB in size (with the exception of .exe files types).

It'll take some time for the file to upload, depending on the size of the file itself. Once it's finished uploading, submit your changes!

You also have the ability to Download File or Delete File using the 3 dots option.

Select Featured Action as the type of Resource. You'll need to add a title for these as well.

Next, you'll want to add the link where you want to send your Attendees followed by the text that appears on the button.

Finally, you'll have to option to add a preview image that appears directly above the button—this is a great way to add some visual flair.

You will also see the option to Download Image or Delete Image after uploading by clicking on the 3 dots option.

Scheduling Resources

You'll be able to schedule Resources to pop up at a specific time during your Automated Events (including Scheduled and On-Demand Sessions). Once your Resource is ready to be added, toggle the Launch resource automatically? button and enter the time stamp when this resource is supposed to be launched.

That's it! Submit your changes and it'll add it to your list. 🎉

Share Resources Live

Any Resources created from Event Settings will be available for you to share in the Event Room. Click on the + icon on the left side of the Type your message... field to see a list of available Resources. Click on the one you want to use to share it live.

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