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Demio Webinars: Best Practices
Demio Webinars: Best Practices

Learn exactly how you can run a successful Event on Demio.

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A Quick Overview

Let's take a deeper dive into everything related to running Events on Demio! 🔥

There are a few steps we can take to ensure you get the most out of running successful Events on Demio.

So what can and should you do while prepping for your webinar?

Let's jump into it! 💪

👉 Pre-Webinar

1) Make sure your Materials are uploaded ahead of time! To add a video or presentation to Demio, upload it directly to the room following the steps in the article here: Managing Materials.

2) Duplicate your Event and complete a rehearsed test run. For more options on how to run a test webinar Session, please check the article: Running a Test Session.

3) Make sure to close all tabs and applications, and do a quick restart for an optimal experience with Demio! For more tips, check out our guide: Connectivity: Best Practices.

👉 During the Webinar

1) Try our Questions feature to highlight Attendees' important questions! This allows you and your Admins to better manage them during your Event. For more information, here's our article: Questions.

2) Having issues joining the Event? Try and restart and then join in incognito mode. For additional tips, check out our checklist: Admin Checklist.

3) Remove any unwanted Attendees from the room. If, by chance, you see anyone in your Event that isn't supposed to be there, you have the option to Ban them by clicking on the Attendee you are looking to remove and clicking Ban Attendee.

4) Use live Chat to communicate in real-time, so you are able to engage with your Attendees: Chat Box Overview.

5) Send out Polls to collect data to your Attendees and survey their answers: Resources: Polls and Managing Resources.

6) Add a Call-to-Action at the end of your webinar. Your webinar should always have a Featured Action. It could be to rate the webinar, offer a sales demo, provide further education, receive a discount or free download, or sign up for a product or service.

For more information on setting up a Call-to-Action, check out our help article: Resources: Featured Action (Call-to-Action).

In some cases, you can use all of the aforementioned features in your Event! 🚀

👉 Post-Webinar

1) Export data from your Activity section such as your list of Registrants/Attendees, Poll results, and chat history to get a pulse on your webinar’s performance.

Pay attention to how many Registrants show up, how long Attendees stay on the webinar, and your overall audience. You’ll be able to access and export your data easily from your Event dashboard: Activity Overview.

2) Repurpose your recording as an On-Demand Event so Attendees are able to view the webinar as soon as they sign up!

You can download your recording and re-upload it to an Automated Event, or if the Event was Automated already, you can enable the On-demand option right away! To get started, check out the following articles: Recording Overview, and On-Demand.

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