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How to Integrate PayPal with Demio Using Zapier
How to Integrate PayPal with Demio Using Zapier

Learn how to create a Zap to add new PayPal customers as Registrants to a Demio Event.

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First, set up the Payment settings through your PayPal account and create a checkout button for your events that people will buy to get access to the webinar.

You would then need to host your checkout button on your own website.

For more information on how to create and host your PayPal checkout button on your own website, click here.

Next, in Zapier, you’ll want to create a new Zap, and set the Trigger to Successful Sale in PayPal.

After you've chosen which Paypal Trigger you want to use, you'll need to connect your Paypal account to Zapier. This is done by saving a certain URL Zapier gives you into your Paypal settings.

You will want to copy the URL shown on the screen into your clipboard. Then navigate to your Paypal IPN Settings. The easiest way to get there is by clicking on the Paypal IPN Settings link inside Zapier and opening the link in a new tab or window.

Here is what the rest of the process looks like 👀

After you log in to Paypal, click the Choose IPN Settings button.

Then, paste the PayPal webhook URL you copied earlier and select Receive IPN messages (Enabled), then click Save.

Your settings should now look like this, with your URL instead of the one shown in the screenshot.

Now the connection is established! You can now continue setting up your Zap.

Note: Only sales made after your IPN Setting is enabled will be sent to Zapier. If you'd like to see real sample data inside the Zap editor, you'll want to send a fake $0.01 sale (or similar) to your Paypal email address.

Once you’ve set up the URL in your PayPal account, you continue with the Zap set up. Zapier will give you the option to Test trigger.

Next, you’ll want to select Demio as the app for the Action, and select Create Registration for Webinar in Demio as the Action:

With the next step, you will now need you to connect your Demio account. Zapier will ask you to provide the API Key and API Secret of your Demio account:

For this, go back to your Demio account and click the API option under Settings:

Note: Be careful not to share your API Secret with people outside of your company. If you do, you can always click Regenerate and you will get a new API Secret, but your existing integrations will have to be updated with the new key.

Copy these keys from here and paste it in the page shown below:

Once connected, you can now choose the Event, pass along the PayPal First Name, Last Name, and Payer Email in the Customize Registration section, as shown below:

After that, you can click on Test & Continue:

Don't forget to turn on your Zap. Then you’re all set! 😎

Once your customers make their event order, you can give them immediate access to your upcoming webinar with this integration. It will fire off whenever a successful purchase is made on your PayPal, automatically registering the customer to an upcoming webinar event on Demio so you don't have to worry about adding them manually.

Note: If you have multiple events running, you will need to create a new Zap for each event.

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