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How to Add Demio Registrants to Kajabi with their Unique Join Links
How to Add Demio Registrants to Kajabi with their Unique Join Links

Learn how to create a Zap to send Registrants from Demio to Kajabi with their Unique Join Links.

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First, you’ll want to create a Form in Kajabi with a Custom TextField Form Field for the Unique Join Link:

In Zapier, you’ll want to create a new Zap, and set the Trigger to be New Webinar Registration in Demio:

With the next step, you will need you to connect your Demio account. Zapier will ask you to provide the API Key and API Secret of your Demio account:

For this, go back to your Demio account and click the API option under Settings:

Note: Be careful not to share your API Secret with people outside of your company. If you do, you can always click Regenerate and you will get a new API Secret, but your existing integrations will have to be updated with the new key.

Copy these keys from here and paste it in the page shown below:

You can now see that your Demio account is connected with Zapier, but in order to Integrate Zapier with Demio, we have to connect this Trigger to an Action.

You’ll then want to select Kajabi as the app for the Action, and select Create Form Submission as the Action:

You can then pass along the First Name, Email, and Unique Join Link to the Form Submission, as shown below:

Demio also provides some other submission data, like Upcoming Webinar Date, Event Name, Created Date, Event Description, and more!

After that, you should be good to go!

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