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Import Registrants to your Event Using Zapier
Import Registrants to your Event Using Zapier

Learn how to import Registrants to your Event using Zapier.

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You can import registrants to your webinar using our Zapier integration.

Learn how to Set up Zapier with Demio if you need to connect the apps first.

To import registrants, you'll want to create a blank Google Sheet ready with First Name & Email as headers (first row).

Once ready, proceed to create a Zap:

  1. For the Trigger, select Google Sheets app > New Spreadsheet Row

  2. For the Action, select Demio app > Create Registration for Webinar

  3. Select the blank Google Sheet in the Trigger & turn on the Zap

  4. Add the full list of Users to the sheet beneath the header (Name + Email)

Here's a quick video outlining those steps:


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