Here's a list of things Admins (both Presenters and Moderators alike) should confirm for an optimal experience with Demio!

A few of these checklist items only apply to Presenters—or more accurately, those that will be sharing different streams during the presentation (namely their webcam/microphone or their screens).

  1. Ensure you are using the latest version of one of the browsers supported for Admins. Here are the exact browser requirements.

  2. Make sure your permissions are set correctly for the browser and that the audio/webcam are connected. Run a system check here.

  3. Let's make sure your bitrate is at the proper levels and you are not experiencing any packet loss. Run a connectivity test here. (plugging directly into the router will help increase your speed!)

  4. Close out of any unused applications or browser tabs. This will free up resources so that Demio can run more seamlessly.

  5. Sometimes anti-virus programs can cause quite a mess with your online audio permissions. Make sure to disable your anti-virus first.

  6. Ensure your network connection is not being utilized for heavy upload/download activities of large files. High-bandwidth streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix may also affect your connectivity.

  7. If your connection is restricted and does not allow you to connect to Demio streaming servers, you may need to open the required ports and whitelist the necessary domains to connect.

Those are it for our go-to steps! If there were any steps that you took that you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you.

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