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Troubleshoot Streaming Quality Issues
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Streaming quality issues are often related to network conditions, connection to the server, or overloaded computer resources. They can be frustrating but most of them are fixable with a few simple steps.

Quick Fixes

Whether you're experiencing pixelation, buffering or blurry video, here are some quick tips to improve your streaming experience:

  • Switch to an incognito browser window to rule out issues caused by conflicting extensions or plugins.

  • Close all unnecessary apps and tabs to reduce the load on your device's resources.

  • Clear browser settings to reset your connection.

  • Check camera settings: If you're using a professional camera, ensure it's set to stream at 720p quality (Demio's maximum supported resolution for live streaming).

Common Solutions

If the quick fixes don't help, there are a few additional common solutions you can try to achieve a better streaming experience:

  • Run a System Check to verify that your audio and video bitrate is above 350kbps and packet loss is minimal. Follow our Connectivity: Best Practices guide to improve these metrics.

  • Try using a different browser. While we recommend Google Chrome for an optimal experience, Safari and Firefox can be more efficient on weaker machines.

  • Restart your device to refresh the system settings.

  • Use a hardwired connection instead of Wi-Fi to boost network speeds. A wired connection is faster than WIFI as it eliminates bottlenecks even though the bandwidth remains the same.

  • Run a test using another device and network to determine if the issue is device- or network-specific.

Screen-Share Tips:

  • Downgrade the screen resolution to 720p (Steps for Windows and for MacOS).

  • Use Demio Presentation Materials when possible to share slides and videos with your audience in the best quality possible.

  • If you're sharing screens on a large monitor or high-resolution screen, reduce the size of browsers, applications or windows shared to a quarter of the monitor size. This reduces the number of pixels being streamed, improving performance.

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and improve streaming quality for a smoother experience during your Demio events.

If the streaming quality issues persist, please reach out to our team via live chat or at [email protected]. We'll be able to review your Session's connection metrics to verify the source of the issue and suggest the best next steps.

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